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Hello. I'm Tim

UX / UI Designer

I'm based in Seattle and have an seasoned careeer designing UX across web, mobile, and some IoT platforms. I have experience in many industries and customer demographics, most recently consulting for both Fortune 500 companies focused on B2b web applications B2C consumer mobile applications.

I once wrote for a bio "Using Human Centered Design principles, Tim works with clients to research, architect, design, and develop new products bringing value to business, user, and customer goals." It's a mouthful, I know, but sums it up in one big sentence. I totally love what I do professionally and look forward to posting new work when I can and hearing from you.

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What I do

Research and Strategy
Understand our users and use data to drive decisions

Using Human Centered Design principles and methods, I conduct research to help guide design and stragegy. Taking the data from contextual and guided interviews, ethnographic and heuristic evaluations, workshops and other sources, I enjoy the craft of nascent projects and guiding them to maturity

Surveys, Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Customer Journey Maps, User Personas, taxonomies and Information Archicture and scoping documents, and others
Design and Engineer
Crystalize vision into product

My strong spot and is the the part of the process I enjoy the most comes after the research has been completed and we know the plan. In the design phase, I synthesize our goals into information architecture, visual design, interaction and motion design. Using tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, and other industry standards, I contribute and lead teams to deliver elegant and well-crafted digital products.

Wireframes, Prototyping, Visual Design, Delivery

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I like hearing from people that are taking a look at my work, and from those who want to hire me for really challenging projects and have interesting ideas, of course. I'm also always really happy to hear from those who can give me some constructive feedback on my work presented here. Or just say hi.

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