What I do

Design and Engineer
Crystalize vision into product

My strong spot and is the the part of the process I enjoy the most comes after the research has been completed and we know the plan. In the design phase, I synthesize our goals into information architecture, visual design, interaction and motion design. Using tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, and other industry standards, I contribute and lead teams to deliver elegant and well-crafted digital products.

Research and Strategy
Human-centered, data-driven

Through conducting contextual and guided interviews, ethnographic and heuristic evaluations, workshops and other methods, I engage users and stakeholders to best understand their needs, wants, and frustrations, helping to inform product design decisions.

Common outputs
  • Wireframes
  • Sitemaps
  • Visual design and supporting assets
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Styleguides
  • Animations and interaction examples
  • User and Stakeholder surveys
  • User interviews
  • Competive analyses
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • User Personas
  • Taxonomies and Information Architecture Diagrams
  • Design scoping documents
  • Others
Adobe Creative Cloud

More Projects

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