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UX / UI Designer

Tim is an experienced User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designer with deep skills. He has passion for delivering creative, useful experiences across user and customer use-cases, devices, & industries. Using Human Centered Design principles, Tim works with clients to research, architect, design, and develop new products bringing value to business, user, and customer goals.

What Tim Does

Surveys, Interviews, Workshops...

Understanding users, customers, and business intents and needs are the drive in defining focusing on the right goals in designing useful, elegant solutions. Using workshops, contextual interviews, heuistic evaluations, data-mining, and other modes of testing, we collect data that guides design, engineering, and business decisions.

Analyze, Envision, and Plan
Use data to guide decisions

Analysis and ideation: data and vision is distilled and translated into a design strategy and actionable plans. Artifacts that codify this strategy often include Customer Journey Maps, User Personas, taxonomies and Information Archicture, low-level wireframes and user-flows, timelines, scoping documents, as well as other deliverables.

Design & Engineer
Crystalize vision into product

In the "Design Phase,"" tim synthesizes architecture, visual design, interaction design, and engineering. Based on data and Human Centered Design principles, Tim designs UX/UI and systems are designed to meet user, corporate, and project goals through delightful digital experiences.

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