Sales and Service Customer, Marketing, and Executive Dashboarding

Customer Service Dashboards


Focused on customer and business goals, T-Mobile aimed to increase customer satisfaction, increase efficiencies, and updraded antiquated systems used by customer service representatives.


Using Human Centered Design principles, I designed a digital system which syntnisized the multiple applications required to access information and provide service. As well I was able to design modular systems to help visualize current data with other relative information to use with customer relationships. Using contextual interviews, workshops, heurisitc evaluations, and other methods to aggregate and parse data, would help inform design and engineering decisions.


The initial project was released to beta testing in T-Mobile's main call center, located in Phonenix, Arizona. The project was onboarded and used across 100 beta users without major issues or need for extensive training. Initial metrics indicate over the initial three months of implementation, an approximate 8% drop in time-to-completion for an average priority call. As well customer satisfaction phone surveys an increased satisfaction rate of nearly 11%. No other metrics are available.


Sales and Service Program Overview

Marketing and Sales Notifications Dashboard


T-Mobile customer and service data is often obfucated from employees of all roles and responsibilities. Service, Marketing, Engineering, and Financial decisions could be improved and problems resolved more efficiently.


Leverage modular framework created for the T-Mobile Sales and Service dashboard and use customer and user inghts to design an intuitive, configurable user interface. This system is configurable for multiple enviornments, useer intens and roles, as well as inputs such as touch or gesture.


The Marketing and Executive dashboards have been installed in multiple (but a limited number of) T-Mobile offices and team-areas. No specific metrics are available.


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