Connecting people to solve the world's problems
"XiBrand" is a pseudonym for the organization building this system.
Real name will be released upon approval from the client.
XiBrand Philanthropic Collaborative Responsive Web Consumer Portal
XiBrand is pseudonym for a company who's mission is to transform "data into knowledge through ethical AI with a relentless focus on measurable impact at a systemic level." And that means "leveraging technology, data sciences, ethical AI and proven sustainability models to support public interest organizations in the delivery of their mission."
The Problem

The world's complex problems require the private sector, government, NPOs, and capital sources to work together. It is necessary for philanthropic organizations to tackle the world's problems promises faster and with more impact; providing better solutions and greater good for all. There is no current system in place through which philanthropic organazations can best leverage their resources and energy with similar orgs to provide solutions more quickly, at scale, and to the largest overall benefit.

The Solution

Tim led the User Experience strategy and execution of XiBrand's public-facing responsibe web portal aimed at fostering collaboration and development of Solutions to exesistential and pressing global issues. The architiecture of X4Brand was architected and designed to both lead users to explore across Problems, Ideas, and Solutions, as well as the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) established by the UN and serve as a guide for philanthropic goals.

Sometimes you have to jump right in.

Architecture, User Flow Diagrams, Visual and Interaction Design
Sketch & InVision Mid-Fidelity Prototype
Analysis and ideation: data and vision is distilled and translated into a design strategy and actionable plans. Artifacts that codify this strategy often include Customer Journey Maps, User Personas, taxonomies and Information Archicture, low-level wireframes and user-flows, timelines, scoping documents, as well as other deliverables.
Visual Design and Branding
Logo, Color, Approach

In the "Design Phase,"" tim synthesizes architecture, visual design, interaction design, and engineering. Based on data and Human Centered Design principles, Tim designs UX/UI and systems are designed to meet user, corporate, and project goals through delightful digital experiences.

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