Using Human Centered and Data Driven Design principles and methods, I took to paper creating rough, rudimentary sketches to distill the data collected during discovery and provide visible structure to the suggested approach to improvements in the T-Mobile S&S CTUX system.
Start on paper. Get feedback fast.
Recommendations from friends and contacts are often reliable and accurate ways to find new content, whether a new book, movie, or application. Leveraging users’ social networks and combining that information with geo-location, provider content, and user data, the App Store aggregates the interprets that data to provide recommendations on apps, friends, places, and others.
Social and Friendly
Using games and awards helps engage users to continue utilization of the application for commerce, social, and entertainment purposes at higher rates than with out game features. Leaderboards encourage engagement, sharing, and the purchase of related apps and products.
Gamified and Rewarding
The Tizen App Store is aware of the users’ location and can provide links to geo-targeted advertisments, deals, recommendations, or other pertinent info based on the users’ preferences.
Starting with the core functionality, I started with ensuring content was readily disoverable by standard conduits such as robust search, intuitive browsing, intuitive navigation, and clear design.

Other content features include top categories and local favorites, recommendations, trending apps, and differentiated content based on inputs and history.
The Fundamentals
Purchases new phone
Finds only factory-shipped apps
Shares with friends
Cannot find friends
to use her new app with
No reponse from friends
Cannot find apps for use
with friends or that correspond
to her interests
Doesn’t us apps very often and is ultimately unsatified with her overall experience with her phone
Finds new apps
Finds a cool app
Wants to use it with friends
Launches app store
Doesn’t know what’s best
Customer Journey Map: What do current mobile customers need? Where can we help?
Based off of earlier research, I crafted a high-level customer journey to show how customers of similar third-party applications engage their customers. This allowed for focus on essential features and functionality for the users to easily, quickly, and delightfully find what the the applications they’re looking for.
Akira: Active Customer,
Existing Tizen OS Device
Akira his phone constantly throughout and uses many apps in virtually all aspects of his life. From keeping track of his day to keeping up with his friends and family, to finding out what is going on that day, or finding a route to a new restaurant, Akira needs the best app to keep up with him.

At early release, Tizen has a limited catalogue of applications. Akira needs to see what’s the best available and be kept updated to new additions.

Akira wants tailored recommendations based on his and his social network’s preferences.

Disposition: Pretty cool but wants to using the apps
Hiyori: New Customer, New Tizen OS Device
Hiyori just bought a new Samsung Tizen operated mobile device and wants to get apps. Hiyori has many interests and needs a good way to browse applications and get guidance on the best. As a student she is also very aware of cost.

In the past, Hiyori hasn’t used a phone for much more than calling, and doesn’t know exactly what apps she might like. Hiyori likely doesn’t know of available apps for stores she frequents, restaurants and other businesses she frequents, or special offers and deals in her neighborhood.

DISPOSITION: Optimisic but lost
“I love games and movies. Getting together with friends is fun because they always have cool apps and we can we can take pics of eachother or send music or whatever. I love the freedom it can give to explore and have fun.”
“I want to find the latest apps that are very specific to my needs as a traveler. I don’t shop or play games much. I’m pretty business.”
Our target audience focused on the Japanese customer who uses a Samsung device running the Tizen operating system. Designs and strategy needed to address the needs of two core user personas: new and returning customers.
Discovery: Audience
Samsung Mobile Device Users
Phase One started with a short window of discovery, including stakeholder and customer interviews, competitive analysis, technical and social best practices.

The discovery phase was limited in time and scope, requiring the team to rely on previous experience, subject-matter expertise, and shared knowledge and research within the design team.

Geography, lanugage, and customs provided an extra challenge for research and envisioning.
The Problem
Poised to release a new operating system, Tizen, for the Samsung family of phones,
Samsung consumers required paths discover, purchase, download and interact with Tizen apps.
The Team
Tim Aidlin
Morgan Zion O'Friel
Rob Stanton
Cheryl Botchick
Martin Summers
Richard Duncan
Melissa Quan
Samsung Tizen App Store
In support of the release of Samsung’s Tizen mobile Operating System (OS), I led design efforts to create a strategy around the design, development, and release of an application portal for the purchase, download and installation of applications for TizenOS mobile devices.

Over approximately 8 weeks I conducted stakeholder and customer research, crafted design and production strategy, assisted with the scoping of features and timelines, and designed guiding information architecture, wireframes, and a low-fidelity prototype.
Samsung Tizen OS App Store
Find apps.
Publish apps.
How does “The Competition“ do it well? Where can we improve?
I conducted a short heuristic evaluation comparing app stores run by competitive systems and establish best-of-breed user interactions and flows, feature sets, design systems and language, accessability, and other metrics.

We used this research to act as a baseline for design decisions and strategy in the development of this app.
Using the best of design, engineering, marketing, and business, Samsung’s Tizen OS app store was designed to be intuitive, useful, and provide the best experience for new Tizen customers.

This project was designed and delivered to Samsung on deadline to a happy client. The release of Tizen was delayed due to technical issues, and the public release of the store was delayed and redesigned with re-focued requirements and done in-house. No metrics are available.