Dashwire, a subsideriary of the mobile brand HTC, was a small startup partnered with At&T, as well as others, to provide value-added services to the mobile provider's customers. Ready2Go was designed as an in-store or at-home easy way to provision a user's mobile phone and manage its content. Designed for use on kiosks in AT&T's stores around the U.S., the Ready2Go system assisted users and customer service representatives easitly get up and running on new devices. This system had the added benefit of providing a consistent, understandable, and comprehensive on-boarding training, walking new users through the features of their phone and how to access the content.

The Problem

When prople purchase new mobile devices, getting up and running is a consistent pain-point. Understanding the features of their new device, the types of content, apps, and ways to communicate are often undiscovered, unused, or cause confusion. Why upgrade a device if it's more difficult to use than what the user has? Why go through the pain of getting your photos, music, passwords, and contacts on your device and Ready2Go?

The Solution

In support of AT&T's goals of increasing customer satisfaction, I lead the UX efforts developing a design vision and strategy in support of Good2Go, an application created by Dashwire for AT&T. The purpose of Good2Go was to provide on-boarding to users' mobile devices while in-store or a Dashwire application made available to AT&T customers.

A One-Man Show

Customer Journey Maps and User Flows, Information Architecture and Visual Design

I was brought on as the Principle and only UX/UI designer on the small team of engineers and Marketing/Leadership contributors. With a tight "startup" deadline, I used existing customer research conducted by both HTC and AT&T which had relevance to our target audience. Over a course of 8 months I worked with leadership and engineering to craft a comprehensive user experience that ultimately assisted thousands of AT&T customers leave the store happy.

Ready2Go Device Configuration Presentation
Visual Design, User Walkthroughs, Product Styleguide
Scroll horizontally to see some slides from a presentation given to primary stakeholders and leadership.
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