Creative Direction across Web, Print, Developer Tools, and Print projects

DevExpress Print Advertising

DevExpress Print Ads

In addition to the digital products over which Tim served as the Creative Director, Tim crafted a design lanugage used across print advertising in publications like .NET Magazine, Web Design World, and numerous blogs and developer-oriented websites.

Tim established a solid styleguide junior designers used to create new marketing collateral and ensure that all DevExpress assets adhered to the DevExpress design vocablulary.

  • CLIENT: DevExpress
  • PROJECT: Print Advertising and Collateral
  • ROLE: Creative Director
    • Extablish design vocublary and guidelines for multi-channel assets and products
    • Create advertisements according to publisher requirements
    • Establish a cadence/schedule for the sipment of advertising for publication in multiple outlets
    • Ensure quality and consistency of visual design across deliverables
    • Project Management

DevExpress Conference & Event Booth Design

Tim worked with the DevExpress Marketing team and external vendors to design a set of custom booths used in attendedance at worldwide conferences and events.

The design and production of these booths required not only interpretation of the DevExpress corporate guidelines, but had to engage potential and existing customers in new, delightful, and meaningful ways, helping developers become more efficient, accurate, and creative.

Over the years of use, these booths were the center of the DevExpress presence at events and hosted an estimated 20,000 visitors/attendees.

DevExpress Small Booth
DevExpress Small Booth

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